Cat speaks about her "baby"

flibberdigibbet1 Published October 21, 2015 19,359 Plays $61.78 earned

Rumble / Cats & KittensMy adorable cat Rhoda loves her stuffed "baby" more than anything. Here in this video she and I are having a conversation about just how much she loves it. Don't worry, I know "Meow" so I translate. Enjoy!


  • Equinefine, 2 years ago

    Cute. I also speak meow! And neigh!

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  • MermaidLyric, 2 years ago

    My mother & I rescued animals for over 20 years so I learned over 30 dialects of felinese (rescued 100), 12 caninese (14 dogs), I think 2 of racoonian, 2 in goose (Canadian is slightly different than the other) and 1 dialect in deer. The wild animals we got help through agencies who dealt with them specifically. As for the domestic animals, they were fixed, tested, vaccinated and we were careful when checking the potential new homes or homes who claimed them as lost (usually w/ dogs)pets. The feral cats were fixed and maintained in a feral colony behind Mom's home. Mom passed @ 91 years old and the day I was told by her doctor in a rehab center when she was recovering from a fall that her kidneys were failing and she would be going home to hospice, I was bringing a kitten to visit her before I took the kitten to our vet to be checked out and find her furever home. It was the worst day of my life in a long time but the kitten gave us a beautiful memory which is in my Facebook video section of the two of them cuddling. I treasure that video now and after about 30 folks held the kitten, both staff and clients alike, I brought the kitten to the vet. The tech there who met me to receive the kitten named her Amazing Gracie and she is now growing up to be a "Therapy "cat! I learned that it's hard to let them go, but worth knowing that they have a home that loves them, they do understand much more than we think, it's not cheap to do but w/ the help we were offered and looked for, it was worth it and no matter how much love, or what ever we gave away, we were blessed more than the animals for which we cared.

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    • flibberdigibbet1, 1 year ago

      Thank you MermaidLyric for your kind words and heartfelt story. I can tell you are a caring soul and I am so sorry to hear about your mother, but so glad you have such a beautiful memory to keep.

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