Ping Pong Trick Ends With A Spectacular Finish

AndrewBorysPublished: October 19, 2015Updated: October 20, 201518,677 views
Published: October 19, 2015Updated: October 20, 2015

We have all seen random people dribbling a soccer ball, it is a no big deal. There are lots of videos out there to support this claim, but not that often we have seen someone dribbling a ping pong ball using golf clubs. Dribbling a ball allows you to move the ball around the field without losing possession. But in order for you to bounce the tiny ping pong ball, you need golf clubs and a big talent.

This video shows a young boy bouncing a ping pong ball with his golf clubs and at the end he tosses it right into a cardboard cup.

He starts by bouncing the ball on one club, tossing it from one side of his leg to the other. One quick toss and the ball ends up on the back of his neck. You say to yourself, "Ok, that was the trick. Nothing special."

Then his performance continues - a second golf club is joining the party. From one club to another, he continues to bounce the ball between his legs. He throws one of the clubs on the ground and prepares for the ultimate trick.

The ending of this show is something you would never expect. So precisely, the small ball ends up into a cup sitting on the table across from our juggler. He thanks us for our undivided attention with a slight bow, thus ending his performance.

We don’t think it is necessary to try and guess the amount of time this kid took to perfect this insane skill. Just take a look at how he bounces the ping pong ball between the two golf clubs before tossing it into that cup. Unreal!

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