Curious Kittens Play In 'Ramen' Box

8 years ago

Domestic animals are usually a treat to have around the house. They are definitely a distraction and keep you busy, which means never do you feel bored. Sometimes they can be a handful and make a mess, maybe even pee on the floor, but most of the time they are wonderful and loving. One thing is for certain that during those times we can expect lots of love and great companionship. As for the remaining times, we can recall the loving times and so be able to easier move through them.

These kittens have found an interesting way to entertain each other by ripping a bag of "ramen" and hiding inside it. Although their owner can spot them, they do not seem to care and so continue with their fun. Once these kittens get into it, they go into and out of the box, while keeping an eye out for their owner and making sure that they are not doing something they shouldn't be. However, their owner takes out his camera and films their shenanigans.

Proving that you can find enjoyment in anything, a small kitten gets a kick out of climbing in a box of Ramen. After struggling to find a way inside, the feline finally makes her way in before another kitten pops its head out of the box and scampers away. These kittens are sure to brighten up your day!

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