Adorable Baby Deer Plays Soccer With Humans

8 years ago

Out of all the games in all the world, what can possibly be more purely exciting that kicking a ball in an open field? The sheer openness of the space makes you want to roam and run free and forget every care that has ever burdened you.

It is the first toy we learn to share. Kicking a ball around brings the simplest of joys and when you see it rolling away from you, the instinct to catch it kicks in, making you feel free and wild, like in the olden times.

So why would a young fawn be any different around the soft, round toy? This couple befriended a fawn at their local park that they name Fonzi. They bring a ball for Fonzi to play with and the woman tries to get the playful deer to kick it back, but overexcited Fonzi spends most of the time jumping around the ball and running up to the camera.

Watching how the young deer is unable to hold it's excitement made us melt through and through. It looks like the overzealous animal doesn't quite get the point of this simple game, but the rolls of the unusual blue object on the ground wakes it's playful side and we couldn't be any more happy for it. So adorable! It is like it's a little boy, standing on its own for the very first time, trying to kick a ball with his mom.

If you do not deem this clip as precious, we don't know what is!

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