Man Chugs Three Water Bottles In Five Seconds

Published October 14, 2015 127,431 Plays

Rumble / Unusual TalentsEveryone has their own unusual talents. Some of us know already what they are, while others haven't yet tapped into their natural aptitudes. Regardless, with every unique talent comes the unique presentation of said talents. Here we have a man that can chug water at amazing speeds. Have you ever witnessed someone chug water this easily before? Watch as 3 full bottles are chugged in only 5 seconds! This video was filmed in Houston, Texas.

You could say that it is important to stay hydrated everyday. Well they do say that you should be drinking about half a gallon of water a day, so this man is already well on his way to achieving that amount. You can never have too much water! Just a quick PSA, do not try this at home if you are unfamiliar with chugging as it can in fact turn into a dangerous situation, leading to choking and other complications.

It is amazing how the second this guy lifts the bottle up he empties it almost immediately. It is as if he is sucking the water, not drinking it! Watching this guy empty three bottles in just a second is most than incredible! However, judging by the way he protects the bottle with his hands, we cannot be sure that he actually empties them entirely, right? What are your thoughts?

Have you ever seen anyone chug anything that fast? Let us know in the comment section. Feel free to upload any cool clips that you may have as well.

Check out this man chug water insanely fast!