This Is Why You Should Keep The Cat Out Of The Bathroom

Published September 14, 2015 38,225 Views

Rumble / Cats & KittensHaving a cat is an adventure every day! Stealthy little buggers, they love to be petted and played with. But when they lack attention, cats can go commando on your home, running, jumping and chasing invisible foes, attacking the furniture and just making a load of mess all around. They will pounce on anything that moves or at least seems like it does, because cats are essentially predators and have to take it out of themselves at some point or other.

This fella might not look like a hunter, but the movement of the toilet roll sure seems to soothe his nerves. It is either that or he is really mad at his owner, so making this subtle mess is his way of telling them there is no messing around!

We don’t know what happened to the big black cat when his owners reprimanded him for his action, but we can tell you what happened with another kitty that decided to make a toy from the toilet paper!

Lauren Jones from Brisbane, Australia knows precisely how destructive a cat can be. The star in this here video is Lauren's Russian Blue cat named Neptune. The footage starts with Neptune, sitting calmly on the floor like an angel, while Lauren takes us on a tour along a trail of toilet paper scattered on the floor, leading to the bathroom.

What a mess! It might be a mundane little thing as toilet paper, but that thing isn't so cheap! And it's the nice, soft, cellulose kind! In comes adorable Napoleon to check out his deed, but notices the camera and bows his little head, feeling feeling guilty.

Kitties will be kitties, you can't help but love them!