Little Girl Ruins Puzzle, Isn't Even Sorry About It

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Published: September 23, 2015Updated: October 14, 2015

Have you ever said sorry and didn't really mean it? Some people view sorry as a get out of jail free card! This little girl just learned how to say sorry, and she knows how to use it. She intentionally messes up a puzzle and thinks saying sorry will get her out of it. Little does she know, it's her cuteness, not her words, that are getting her out of this one!

Many people seem to find saying “I’m sorry” an extremely difficult thing to offer, even when they believe themselves to be guilty of some wrongdoing. These people either will not or cannot bring themselves to offer an apology even though they may acknowledge partial or complete responsibility. It seems that some people experience an apology as a sign of weakness.

Usually, when a kid does something they shouldn’t, parents will give the kid a stern look, and ask, “Hey, what do you say?” Then, when the child mutters a robotic “sorry”, all is good! Manners! We’re teaching them manners.

Kids learn to love the word ‘sorry, because it magically lets them off the hook. Or so they think. The problem with the “sorry” solution is that many young children—say, preschool age—haven’t reached a stage of moral development to actually feel sorry, so parents are missing a key opportunity to teach real empathy, according to Heather Shumaker is a national speaker on early childhood topics.

That being said, this little blond devil knows exactly what she should do to be let off the hook. We’ll let her slide with this one!

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