Little Girl Struggles With An Uncooperative Slice Of Pizza

Published September 24, 2015 17,945 Views

Rumble / Babies & KidsAnyone who ever thought eating pizza was easy for everyone, obviously never met this adorable little girl. She is going to need some pizza eating lessons! We're bringing in some experts, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. We hope this toddler's hungry because each lesson comes with some rad, bad guy butt-kicking, and of course, free pizza!

But come on - it’s not like we were all pros at chomping on a slice fresh from the oven. Those things are floppy and for a good reason. The cheese is still molten, the oil from the pepperoni is still running, the dough is fresh and all of this just made our mouths water. Imagine having to battle with a fresh slice on a growling stomach? You can’t even think straight, let alone remember how to hold the slice!

This girl is probably famished, that slice of pizza is definitely the first that mom didn’t have to chop up into bites and that pie looks so heavenly good. She tries to get the center of the pizza into her mouth, but it keeps flopping all around, it can be really hard to catch up with it!

When she gets fed up with chasing the slice mid-air, she tries to pick it up by resting it half way on the plate in front of her. Will it work? Of course not, which makes this whole thing that much funnier.

Poor kid, we hope she didn’t leave that party with an empty tummy.


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    She find the way to eat

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