Dog Shows Puppy That Is Not How You Talk To Your Elders

Published October 2, 2015 37,660 Views

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsHave you ever wished your friend had an off button? Well, this adorable pooch just found one on its puppy friend. All it takes is a light tap of the paw to the head to get this friendly canine to stop with his playful antics.

When you are a tiny puppy, every time is a fun time. Your humans seem to be able to play with you all day long, just as long as you look them deep in the eye and let out a silent whine. It works almost 100% of the times. But what happens when you are a tiny Husky puppy, in dire need of some play time, with an older sibling?

This is exactly what happens. A chubby little Husky puppy nags his big brother into play time. When the “let’s play” doggy sign doesn’t work, the pup takes up some more serious tactics, like barking and biting at his sibling’s face.

The older dog tries his very best to make it known that playtime is not on his mind. He would much rather lay flat on the grass, chilling his tummy on the cool ground, instead of chasing some energetic brat.

The pup barking at the older dog for attention was the last straw. The yellow dog shoots a look to his younger counterpart, before swatting him good over the muzzle. That’s what you get for shouting at your elders!