Funny Allergic Cat Can't Stop Sneezing

Published October 2, 2015 8,854 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsAllergies are the worst. They make the most beautiful seasons turn for the worst and they even bring out the worst in us. Seriously, they are such a nuisance, you can’t eat your favorite foods, you can’t smell the fresh scent of spring and you can’t enjoy the sun properly. What a waste of time!

Apparently, pets aren’t immune to them as well. It seems like this happiness killer is affecting our beloved furballs too. Allergy season isn't treating this poor little tabby cat very nicely. The adorable kitty just can't seem to stop sneezing! We prescribe that this little kitten stays in bed and takes a nice catnap, so it can get better soon.

Unfortunately, allergies can cause a wide array of medical problems for pets too. Aside from the incessant sneezing, they can also cause respiratory infections and the most uncomfortable crusting in their ears, making it extremely painful for them. These lovelies are sometimes in even more pain than us. Other times, they just set Guinness World Records in sneezing, like this kitty apparently does. The only difference between the two species is that they look absolutely adorable when they’re doing it.

Allergies have been the fall of many a men throughout human existence. They might be mild, like a mild itching or a sneeze or two, but they can also lead to death too. They are not to be brushed aside, because you can never know how serious they are, and to make matters worse, they can change throughout life. We’re telling you, allergies are the worst.