Wife Decides To Surprise Husband With A Pet Snake

Published October 7, 2015 42,320 Plays

Rumble / Funny & WeirdFear of snakes is a very legit thing. Come, on, those things are just terrible to even look at. Some of these slithery critters can climb up walls and get in your house without ever noticing them. Oh, the horror!

Some people are in awe with the serpentine creatures, just as much as those who are terrified witless of them. Imagine what would happen if two of each of those groups ended up married? A snake lover and a snake hater, oh my!

There seems to be trouble in this paradise because the woman recording this video appears to be fine with holding a black racer snake in her hand (which, although a constrictor snake, doesn’t do much constricting). Her husband, on the other side, threw the firewood in his hands and ran straight for the hills the moment he saw his significant other coming towards him with a 'mamba Negra' in her hand!

You might think that a grown ass man will hold his ground at the sight of a snake, but nope. This dude threw his arms up and ran screaming like a little girl, as far away from the snake coming for him and whatever she is holding in her hand. Devil woman!

In the end, even the great Henry Indiana Jones was terrified of the slithery buggers. But then again, there are dude like this fella. He just grabbed his beer and took his pet snake out for a swim on the beach. After all, it’s a pet just like a dog (not).

Do you have a fear of snakes too? Don’t worry you are not alone. Having a fear of snakes is a widespread phobia among people. However, this guy was close to the snake, and he got scared, and we fully understand why, that snakes were petrifying!

Some people have a phobia of snakes even though has never seen a snake in their lives? Why is that? Can you be scared of something that you have only see on the Internet or TV?

Apparently, yes. People have advanced a natural inclination to detect snakes — and bugs, as well — and to learn to fear them. Humans have learned to be scared of snakes as an advantage to survive or protect themselves from snakes like a defense mechanism.

A lot of people are born with the fear of snakes even though they have never seen one, the same as having a fear of wild animals like lions and tigers. The thought being bitten of this venomous creatures could end your life is something that terrifies people. And it is understandable!

But, no matter how scary they are, snakes are an essential part of the ecosystem. Active seekers and trap predators, snakes utilize their profoundly created faculties of sight, taste, hearing and contact to find, perceive and track their prey.

Are you afraid of these creatures or are you one of those people who are in awe of the serpentine creatures?


  • Johny1990, 3 years ago

    I'm scared of snakes too... This is not funny at all.

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