7 years ago

Girl Manages To Shoot A Straw Into Dad's Mustache

CCTV footage captured the amazing moment when a little girl pulled off the shot of her life while playing around with a drink straw. Usually it's a head shot, but this time the straw lands in an unbelievable place!

It's always fun to discover your secret talent in this way, totally unexpected and by doing a menial thing like messing with friends. But either this girl has a very sharp eye, or the man has very thick (and straw-inviting) mustache.

Whatever the case is, this is a hilarious moment that was luckily caught on video, otherwise no one would believe that this actually happened. Cool!

This was really one shot that was one in a million. Everyone in the room seems so surprise, even to the point where the man goes out of the room to show another person! Talk about being one hilarious clip!

Have you ever seen a trick shot like this? Do you think this was luck or skill? We would love to hear your opinion down in the comments section so please do not hesitate to leave a comment.

Please share this video with your family and friends as it will surely surprise them! This is one video that no one should miss!

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