Unbelievable one in a million shot with a straw

NadeemPublished: October 6, 2015Updated: October 7, 2015768,756 viewsVirality: 5%
Published: October 6, 2015Updated: October 7, 2015

CCTV footage captured the amazing moment when a little girl pulled off the shot of her life while playing around with a drink straw. Usually it's a head shot, but this time the straw lands in an unbelievable place!

It's always fun to discover your secret talent in this way, totally unexpected and by doing a menial thing like messing with friends. But either this girl has a very sharp eye, or the man has very thick (and straw-inviting) mustache.

Whatever the case is, this is a hilarious moment that was luckily caught on video, otherwise no one would believe that this actually happened. Cool!

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