7 years ago

Guy Demonstrates How To Quickly Peel An Egg

Hard boiled eggs are delicious but they can also be a hassle. Peeling the shell off an egg can be a lengthy process and can also be quite frustrating. The egg shell never peels off completely, it always breaks off in pieces. This is always annoying! This simple life hack can change that! Watch as KochenOnline shows us how to peel an egg in only a matter of seconds. This definitely doesn't take five minutes to peel!

This simple life hack isn't difficult either. Place an egg in a glass cup, pour some water into the cup and shake for a few seconds, the whole shell will completely slide off, so cool! Just make sure your hand is covering the top of the glass or else the egg will go flying! This is so awesome, now you can spend less time peeling and more time eating! Share this video with your friends and family to help them save some time, awesome!

After you peel your egg, you're probably going to need a nice egg peeler. Whats the point of peeling an egg perfectly, if you can't cut it the way you want as well! Check out some of these best selling peelers!

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