Analyzing Steve Sailer, Decoding JF Gariepy (7-13-23)

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01:00 Truth in an Age of Lies ft. Steve Sailer | Restoring Order - EP 264
03:00 How about a media reckoning, an elite reckoning for the racial reckoning that provoked tens of thousands of extra murders
29:30 JF Gariepy on the French race riots,
43:00 The safest strategy is the group strategy
57:20 France's George Floyd moment,
1:09:00 Elliott Blatt joins to discuss Richard Spencer dunking on Zoomers
1:11:00 I don't find generations such as Boomers and Zoomers a useful category
1:34:00 Saving yourself for marriage is often an excuse from avoiding intimacy
1:36:30 Carmel,,_California
1:38:00 Carpenters,
1:39:00 We've only just begun,çois_Gariépy
Virtually You: The Dangerous Powers of the E-Personality,
The One Study That Changed JF Gariepy’s View On Vaccines,
JF Gariepy Analyzes The Cofnas Critique,
Decoding politics,–right_political_spectrum
Dennis Prager Falls Into The Conspiracy Rabbit Hole,
The Confluence of the Gurosphere,
United States of A-Merit-A,
Trump stokes anger and fury, stoking anger and fury?
A Chat with Nathan Cofnas,
Ganesh on DeSantis,
FT: The vibes theory of politics, Our ‘beliefs’ are often just unexamined tribal loyalties,
Decoding Dennis Prager,
John J. Mearsheimer on Ukraine,
Is Gossip Good?
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