Culinary Art Coming Straight From The Kitchen Of Jordan Molina

Published September 28, 2015

Rumble Jordan Molina, or better known under the pseudonym TutoDraw, is a 22-year-old French draftsman and YouTuber renowned worldwide for his hyper-realistic achievements in the 3D technique and the quality of his speed drawing. He experiments with several techniques: 3D painting being his most attractive one for the mass audience, but also is remarkably successful in cartoons, aquarelle and hyper-realistic drawings of food you can almost reach for and put in your mouth.

For this drawing, you will need 375g of flour, 45cl of milk, 45g sugar, 95g of butter, a pinch of salt, 3 eggs and a 1 packet of yeast, and some chocolate powder for the color. Do not forget the drawing surface – a flat Teflon frying pan. No, this is definitely not a joke. This is culinary art coming straight from the kitchen of Jordan Molina. Watch the time-lapse video on the top of the page and with a bit of sweet effort you will learn to recreate the optical illusion pancake we called “Crepe de la Vortex”.

The most interesting part of Molina’s story is that this budding artist does not contend only with sharing the finished results of his works, he also shows us how to achieve them (hence the name of his chain). The hyperrealism of Molina has led to his videos having millions of views and every time he invents a new design he makes his video tutorial go viral. If you liked his art, or want to learn how to draw, you can see more on TutoDraw, his website, where you will find have many examples and useful tips, especially on how to paint in 3D.