Empty Gas Pipe In Spain Produces Creepy Sound Effects

drslump33Published: September 27, 2015Updated: September 28, 201592,959 views
Published: September 27, 2015Updated: September 28, 2015

It can turn out to be very funny when you try and play with old pipes because they produce the funniest sounds. The sounds caused by the reflection of sound waves from a surface back to the listener can be really amazing.

The Maghreb–Europe Gas Pipeline is a natural gas pipeline, which links the Hassi R'mel field in Algeria through Morocco with Cordoba in Andalusia, Spain, where it is connected with the Spanish and Portuguese gas grids. It supplies mainly Spain and Portugal, as well as Morocco with natural gas. The Maghreb–Europe Gas Pipeline was first proposed in 1963 by French companies and it foresaw prolongation of the pipeline to Strasbourg in France. However, because of the Western Sahara dispute, any route from Algeria through Morocco to Spain was prevented, leaving behind uncovered pipes.

While under construction in Barcelona, in April 2012, the guy that filmed this video discovered that it actually produces very unique echoes when he yells into it. The diameter of this pipe was approximately 3.3 feet and this section’s length was approximately 164 feet. For those who know physics well, it might seem like some interesting information for their calculations, but for those who are just looking for some fun on the internet, check out the sounds it creates!

They are so creepy and alien-like that shivers go through your body every time you listen to them.

"Helooo… I like your tube… What’s this sound?" pronounces this guy with his head inside the pipe and then he howls.

Next he comes with the night version of sound that’s more creepy than the previous one.

"The sound of music… Music… Music" and you can hear some scary echoes that make you turn around and check if somebody stands behind you in the dark… Chills through your body!

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