These Helpful Great Danes Love To Help With The Groceries

MaxandKatietheGreatDanesPublished: September 26, 2015Updated: September 28, 201518,077 plays$49.84 earned
Published: September 26, 2015Updated: September 28, 2015

Who said that pets can't help with your household chores? They are quite smart and also you can teach them to help you with all kinds of tasks around the house. We are sure they will more than happy to help with your chores if you give them a treat. Imagine you come home after a hard day's work and you see a clean house or the garbage out. Wouldn't it be nice to find the dishes washed and your bed made? What are the chores your pet can do for you? Okay it doesn’t have to be all of that well at least they can help with the groceries. Do you agree?

Max and Katie show their appreciation for everything their owners provide as they help carry some groceries into the house. It appears that Max needs a bit more work on his style! Katie the Great Dane brings in the dog treats, while her brother, Max, waits for her to get the doggie snacks into the house. Priceless! They are smart dogs who love their humans so much they will do anything to help them as much as they can!

You know who would love to help with chores? Your dog! Got house chores, these pups will lend a paw. They are amazing little helpers! Actually, sometimes I think dogs live for anything and everything just to make us happy!

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