Boxer Dog Walks Around In Style With A Pair Of Crocs

8 years ago

Wow! This boxer dog definitely knows how to walk around in style! He slides his front paws into a pair of Crocs and shows of his runway walk! I think we have a future famous model! Who wouldn’t want to see this adorable boxer dog walking down the runway, so funny! He walks across the room with speed too, and this is impressive, he doesn’t trip or fall during the whole walk!

Look at him, go! We are rooting for him the whole time, impressive job! He has so much confidence; we all need to have the same amount of confidence as this boxer dog has! Boxer dogs love to be around people. They are very friendly and like to keep you company! They are brilliant dogs and are one of the more natural breeds to train if you have a boxer dog, it’s time to treat them some new tricks!

The boxer dog in this video shows us some pretty neat skills. He makes the walk with the Crocs look a lot easier than it is. It must be challenging for him to move around with his tiny paws in the large Crocs. What an entertaining video! So cute!

Who said crocs are not fashionable? Just look at this adorable Boxer and his cute crocs, he is really rocking them! Well, marketing is done right, we all want crocs now and look adorable just like this Boxer here.

Boxer is big, muscular dogs, and they have cute faces, which makes them so amazing and adorable. Don’t you wish you can give them a lot of hugs and kisses? They are also really playful dogs and have boundless energy, which makes them unbelievable pets and great personal trainers. After all, those trips in the park will make lose a few pounds, which is a good thing, right?

However, don’t let their energy fool you. They are not the outdoor type dogs, and they like to stay at home, doing some home fun activities, like doing a runway walk with their fashionable crocs.

Another interesting fact about them is that they really like to drool and snore a lot, like a lot. But, having them around means having fun all the time and having a buddy that wants to spend time with you at home, doing fun stuff and keeping you awake all night with their snoring! What’s not to like?

Has your dog ever tried on a pair of your shoes! Let us know in the comment section down below!

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