Fishing in Siberia: You won't expect this!

1g2hPublished: September 21, 2015Updated: September 22, 20156,368,265 views
Published: September 21, 2015Updated: September 22, 2015

What comes to mind when you think "Siberia"? Snow, ice and polar bears, but surely not camels!

These two friends were fishing along a river in the Tyumen reagion when they had a close encounter with an animal that belongs in the dessert!
“Tyumen. Fishing. Camel. The usual!" says the guy recording the video before bursting in laughter with his friend. Two two-hump camel, however, is undisturbed by their surprise and calmly aproaches the water for a sip, before taking off.

Strangely enough, the symbol of one city in the Ural mountains region in Russia is precisely the camel!

Make sure to share this video with your friends, because if you don't, they'll never believe what you just witnessed!

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