Fishing Day Takes Surprising Twist When Unexpected Guest Stops By The River

Published September 21, 2015 6,513,598 Views

Rumble / Priceless MomentsWhat comes to mind when you think of Siberia? Snow, ice and polar bears, and maybe that little village in Yakutsk that sells fish as popsicles in their market, but surely not camels. This video surfaced a couple of weeks ago and it took the viral tide instantly for one incredible reason! By Thursday, it already garnered 25,000 views.

These two friends were fishing along a river in the Tyumen region when they had a close encounter with an animal that belongs in the dessert!

"Tyumen. Fishing. Camel. The usual!" says the guy recording the video before bursting into laughter with his friend. Two two-hump camel, however, is undisturbed by their surprise and calmly approaches the water for a sip, before taking off. Good thing they had their cameras, because who would have believed their story?

Strangely enough, the symbol of one city in the Ural mountains region in Russia is precisely the camel! Camels aren’t all that unusual in Russia; in fact, the ungulate is on its merry way to push out the mighty bear off the list of popular animals, especially after this viral clip! The internet is that much richer because another video also showed up from the river Tura in Siberia, where a camel joined a couple of men on their lunch break and got real up close and personal.

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