Dog trained to gently rock baby cradle

8 years ago

Everyone has heard that a dog is man's best friend, but who knew they'd be babies as well? This adorable duo has the power to melt even the coldest of hearts with their cuteness. Watch as this sweet and caring dog named Shira rocks the baby cradle on command. Now that's a precious moment that'll warm your heart!

It's amazing what dogs can do with the proper training! Who knew that you could teach a dog to rock a baby cradle? That's insane! Well you have seen it here, the possibilities are endless with these puppers. In the future, you shouldn't be surprised if a dog is able to change a babies diaper. Haha, all jokes aside, this is awesome!

You can tell that these two will become an inseparable pairing as the little baby grows up. Having a friend like a puppy grow up with you forms an extremely strong bond with one another!

Check out this adorable dog rocking the baby cradle.

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