Social experiment: The power of makeup

TaylahDentonPublished: September 17, 2015Updated: June 15, 2017878,998 views
Published: September 17, 2015Updated: June 15, 2017

With or without makeup, you are a beautiful person. Society has created a notion that makeup equates to beauty. In this video, Taylah Denton provides us with some interesting insight as she applies makeup to only one half of her face. Is makeup used for deception or is it to help make people feel good and confident in themselves? Let us know what you think!

Do you wear makeup everyday? Some do while others don't and either is okay, there is no right or wrong. Be sure to leave a comment and check out for more content like this.

Check out this social experiment regarding makeup.

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    • 1 rumble
      Anonemouse · 35 weeks ago

      I think she looks better without all the crap on her face.

    • 1 rumble
      North · 35 weeks ago

      It is a terrible loop. People judge based on appearance, the make up is false advertising. We can not believe anything we see any more. Girls with the confidence and beauty to live life without a mask, are beautiful.