The Nutrition Shake I Drank everyday

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Published: September 12, 2015

I did not break my routine when i came to eating, I was studying the most part and not moving around a lot. But i was totally strict with my diet, so I ate exactly or as near as possible to 2000 calories a day.

That was 4 protein shakes a day, 4 x 389 calories = 1556
and the other 444 would be for my main meal of the day.

I felt absolutely fine and had no problems at all,

My height is 5.9 and i weighed 13 1/2 (about 86kg) Stone when i started.
Over the ten weeks i went down to 12 stone, so i lost a 1 ,1/2, stone, (about 80kg) but I put on plenty of muscle on due to using the slendertone flexmax on my body three time a day on program 7, about setting 80 - 90 and also the barbells, which helped my arms get bigger.

It takes a bit of getting use to, to progress up the levels, but you will be at setting 100 in no time.

It just takes time for your muscles time to get use to it, so start of on a really low setting so your muscles will build up slowly and it wont ache so much.

But trust me if used correctly this device really works and is awesome.

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