Baby Hand Feeds Dog Food To Australian Shepherd

8 years ago

This video is about a baby that figured out it should help the dog with his food. The footage starts with the baby on the floor sitting between this beautiful dog and the bowl of dog food. The dog is a Australian Shepherd that seems to be a puppy still, because of his size. The baby is very calm and so is the dog. You can see that they are both used to each other and that they are great friends. The baby puts his hand in the bowl to get out a piece or two. He then gives his hand to the dog and the dog eats directly from the baby’s hand but slowly. The baby repeat the step a couple times and the dog patiently waits between each bite. This display of kindness really brings joy to whomever watches it.

The dog also picks up the pieces that the baby dropped and eats them. So this whole display of affection is not even gonna leave a mess. The dog is sitting too he only moves his head and his neck to reach the food, which gives the baby sufficient space to move.

By the middle of the clip the baby decided that it was time for him to play with the food. He started by switching the food in the second bowl, that probably was the water bowl, it was just empty at that moment. He started piece by piece again before taking the bowl and emptying it in the second bowl. While dropping almost half of the pieces of the floor. The dog didn't get upset that the toddler was putting his food all over the floor, instead he decide to move closer to get a better reach with his mouth, and started eating around the baby.

The toddler also made a little pile of pieces of food and looks at the camera with a smile and tries saying something. He looks so happy that it is impossible to tell him off for dropping the food. As mentioned earlier the dog is eating everything off the floor so it won't be dirty and the bay has so much happiness and satisfaction.

The relationship between the animal and the kid, the satisfaction of a cute ending, the heartwarming friendship between those two, those are all the reasons why this footage is truly inspirational, great way to spread love and positivism !

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