Great Dane Restlessly Waits For Cat To Finally Finish Showering

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Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsKatie the Great Dane grows impatient as she waits her turn for the shower. It may take some time since it looks like Sid the cat is really enjoying the water experience! We've all been there before!

All those cat lovers and owners out there sure know how troublesome cats can be when it comes to taking a bath. Naturally, our jaws dropped when we saw this fun-loving cat casually taking a long deserved bath! What kind of sorcery is this? How is this even possible?

The truth of the matter is, this is one rare cat that really loves getting wet. He's not moving an inch, and we're sure he's having a blast, judging by the look on his face! He's taking his time under the running water, taking a sip of water every once in a while, completely ignoring his dog friend Katie who’s impatiently waiting for her turn outside the shower!

We all want to be this kitty right now! Sid the cat enjoys his daily shower in an art gallery created by his owner. He is such a sophisticated little feline! This is too funny! Sid the cat is having the time of his life chilling in the shower.

It is hilarious that Sid doesn't really care for the washing part, he certainly prefers to stick his tongue out and drink the water. This really bothers his friend Katie the Great Dane, who’s restlessly waiting for her turn. Katie is impatiently waiting for Sid to finish his long bath, because Sid really seems to enjoy drinking the shower water!

You might say that Sid is acting like a bully, taking his precious time to drink from the spray, instead of going to his water bowl and drink from it instead. But this is a free world we live in and Sid can certainly drink water wherever he pleases, and Katie has to learn to be more understanding about it.

Watch and enjoy as this clean cat enjoys the nice, warm shower, while the Great Dane is waiting patiently for his turn under the running water. Such a wonderful moment!

Judging by this hilarious video, Sid seems to have missed the memo that cats don't like water! Watch and laugh as he enjoys his morning shower, totally ignoring his canine companion who is standing right behind him, waiting for a turn in the shower! How adorable!

Watch and laugh as Sid enjoys his shower while his owners film his adorable experience. Have you ever seen another cat enjoying standing under the running water, continuously taking sips from it. During that time, Katie the Great Dane has her head into the shower, not so patiently waiting for her cat brother to finish up his morning routine.

In another video, Katie the Great Dane delivers the paper to Sid the cat. Katie has already been hard at work picking up the paper and Sid is still languishing in the shower. Too funny!

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    hahah! he’s like hurry up already!

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    Video Good

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  • Tom01275, 1 year ago

    Video good

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