Longboarder soars down Colorado hill at 70mph!

VenomSkatePublished: September 9, 201515,470,868 views
Published: September 9, 2015

For all you adrenaline junkies out there, being normal isn't exactly the most appealing thing. You guys jump out of planes instead of flying in them, you partake in extreme sports, and in this case, some ride longboards at speeds faster than a typical car instead of just riding it around town. With the need to always step up the intensity, the rush of adrenaline is well worth it. Here we have a speeding longboarder doing what most people in the world would probably be afraid to do.

Watch as longboarder and Boulder native Zak Maytum races down one of the fastest runs in Colorado! With speeds approaching 70mph, the footage will definitely leave your palms sweaty. From twists and turns, this intense video will for sure leave you holding your breath at certain parts. With enough practice, anything is possible, and this longboarder is proving that to be true.

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Check out this longboarder reaching insane speeds going down a massive hill!

Credit to 'Venom Skate'.

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    BroncoBob · 1 year ago

    That guy was movin' on! I was a little edgy when he turned the board sideways to slow down to maneuver the sharp turn, he's got a skill not many can match. I thoroughly enjoyed this ride. I caught the vid originally off of 'Big Geek Daddy', then switched it over here. Thanks for sharing.

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    DavidMcNab · 39 weeks ago

    Impressive! But what does he do if somebody pulls out?