Baby Is Hilariously Entertained By Spinning French Bulldog

8 years ago

If you feel like you need a little laughing pick-me-up, then we have 16 second of pure laughing bliss for you right here!

This adorable pup loves his tiny owner so much, he would do anything to make him laugh – even if it means winding up his brain from spinning!

Rupert the French Bulldog knows just how to make this cute little baby crack up laughing. Observe his hysterical antics as he spins around in circles to the delight of the 6-month-old toddler. The Frenchie seems to love making a fool out of himself trying to entertain the cute baby.

We see the cheerful baby propping himself on his hands to watch the silly dog in all his glory and the dog is loving the attention he is getting! The duo was filmed by the boy's mom as they lay on the floor in the living room.

Every time the baby boy stops laughing, Rupert goes back to spinning, just so that he can hear him gurgle with laughter. He only stops when the baby goes into a fit of laughter, satisfied that he did a good job.

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