Man points camera to the sky. Spots something not seen in millions of years!

AudioColorWorldPublished: September 3, 2015Updated: September 4, 20155,998,977 views
Published: September 3, 2015Updated: September 4, 2015

Amateur footage showing a supposed Pterosaur recently flying over Boise, Idaho, USA. Is it the work of video editing, or perhaps the return of the extinct reptile!

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    marcelstjean · 28 weeks ago

    must be real it's blurry...

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    rcmodeler724 · 27 weeks ago

    That's a radio controlled model. There were articles in the magazines a few years ago.

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    MacNeill51 · 22 weeks ago

    It is a remote-controlled model. Watch "War Games"... early version. This one is 3rd or 4th gen, but still very stiff

    • 1 rumble
      xianstar · 19 weeks ago

      How can you say it's stiff? It's obviously flapping it's wings, and even moves it's head down. There is a photo from 1864, with some Union Civil War Soldiers standing next to a pterodactyl that they shot down. There was also a hoax photo created after, based on this original. The 1864 photo does stump professionals, because it does seem authentic. None the less, what do I know. Perhaps, you're right, but the movement seems very natural, and i see no editing frames or lines around the animal.

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        xianstar · 19 weeks ago

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    Evlerni · 5 weeks ago

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    Esprit · 5 weeks ago

    Wonder what it eats.

  • 1 rumble
    Margaritagurl47 · 2 weeks ago

    LOVE IT!!! I wonder if the guy, or gal that made that, went to MIT? PRETTY COOL!!