Door does spot-on impression of Miles Davis

Published August 27, 2015 14,834 Plays $31.22 earned

Rumble / Funny & WeirdThey say that sometimes life impersonates art, but who knew that it would be so literal? We've seen Grilled-Cheesus among other examples, but here we have a door that brings a whole new medium to that phrase. An ingenious door in this Chicago parking garage pulls off its best Miles Davis "impression". Now that's no ordinary door! That door sounds like a spot-on impersonation of Miles Davis. Put the audio of that door over a video of Miles Davis playing and you couldn't tell the difference!

Who knows, maybe one day that door will get its own record deal! All joking aside, that door really needs to get some oil in its hinges. Do you know how many people must have walked through that door without realizing the talent of this door? They all probably got annoyed. Thankfully we have this man to bring the amazing impersonation behind the door!

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