Great Compilation Of Rumble’s Viral Adorable Babies And Kids

Published August 27, 2015 125,466 Views

Rumble / CompilationsCheck out this heartwarming compilation featuring a handful of priceless family moments and find your favorite! Watch as the adorable baby flexes muscles imitating the gestures and sounds of his dad. This adorable incredible Hulk duo will definitely melt your heart. His chunky little body flexes and stretches, and the roaring sounds coming out of his mouth, with his cheeky poser face, will leave you laughing for days!

How about these adorable twin babies performing the Irish dance out from their jolly jumper. Their happy feet are quickly moving to the rhythm of the music and their faces tell the story. These two are going to be famous for their dance moves. There is another pair of twin babies that hold babies for the first time and have very serious faces like it is a matter of life or death conversation.

Another baby is enjoying his playtime with the family cat and is curiously investigating its tail, wondering why doesn’t he have one? This next talented baby, jumps and swims across the pool, which reminds me of that Nirvana cover of a baby swimming in the pool, chasing a dollar!

Filmed in the car, the next video shows two siblings riding on the back seat of a family car, the big brother is singing “Let it go" from Frozen, and the little sister joins in! Next is one adorable toddler who moves to the rhythm of “All about that bass" flaunting her limbs and swinging her hands.

It is very tough to separate one in this compilation, but do you have a favorite?

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