Humpback Whale Feeding Frenzy Off Cape Cod Coast

Published August 24, 2015 59,957 Plays

Rumble / Wild WildlifeThe dark waters of the oceans hold a lot of wonders. There is something humans find intrinsically appealing about deep waters. It is almost like our old environment is beckoning us back to its bosom. That is something psychologists need to elaborate. All we know is that there is still so much we do not know about all the secrets the depths of the sea hold, but nevertheless, each new thing we find makes us very intrigued. We have yet to fully comprehend how life functions in the utter depths. We know that the lower you go the harsher the environment becomes and marine life must have developed coping mechanisms to survive the pressure, the lack of sunlight and the scarcity of food.

Check out this amazing humpback whale feeding frenzy.

According to Captain Chad of SeaSalt Charters LLC. located in Provincetown, Massachusetts, this is one of the "best whale watching videos he's recorded in decades!" It features a group of massive humpback whales feeding with their mouths open right next to his private whale watch boat off the coast of Cape Cod. The vessel did not intentionally approach the whales, and the crew appropriately waited until they left the area before reengaging their propellers.

What an incredible sight this is! What a rare thing to witness. You don't get to see this every time that you go whale watching! Mother nature is full of surprise!

When you see something so majestic so close, you might be tempted to get closer, but experienced whale watches always warn that people should make sure to avoid the beasts and let them feed instead and just enjoy the sight.

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The humpback whale is a representative of the whale family. This mammal inhabits the marine expanses of the Southern Hemisphere. The second name is a humpback. He got his name for the manner of swimming - when the humpback floats, it strongly arches its back. In summer, this whale inhabits the waters of the Southern Ocean, and for the winter it sails to the north and lives in tropical and subtropical waters. It is there that the humpback whales are mating. Then the humpback returns to the familiar southern waters. The mammal is so fond of Antarctica that it overcomes thousands of kilometers to return to its native cold waters in 6 weeks. There they live in flocks. each flock lives independently of each other and is a separate family. Each flock, in turn, consists of several groups which consist of 4 to 5 individuals. Some males live as singles, and females live in the company of their cubs.

If you were inspired by the video above as we were, we are convinced that you will just love the next video showing two migrating humpback whales. An enchanted wildlife photographer has caught the spectacular moment when two mammoth 40-tonne humpback whales soared out of the water in an unbelievable spectacle of “extremely rare” double breaching. Tourists on-board a passing ferry too got the spectacle of their life, with the gigantic creatures soaring out of the water and fashioning an exceptional spectacle right next to the boat.

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