Fixed: Top 6 Best Tricks & Tips Ever To Speed Up Buffering/Loading YouTube Videos & Streaming 2015

TheLMNtechPublished: August 21, 2015189 views
Published: August 21, 2015

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Do you have a slow internet connection ?Do Youtube videos takes a lot of time BUFFERING and LOADING? The solution is in this article. I am going to show you top 6 sure solutions You May Have Missed to this BUFFERING PROBLEM.

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#1 Using SmartVideo For YouTube™ extension:
This extension will split youtube videos to many parts so as to speed up loading it. It's really usefull and effective especially because you can find this extension in google chrome and firefox.
Download the google chrome extension from here, for firefox from here.

#2 Using the new YouTube Html5 player:
recently, YouTube began to use the Html5 player which makes videos load faster. To enable it you have to go to this link and make sure that all choices are checked.

#3 Blocking some IP adresses :
Blocking these IP adresses will speed up buffering YouTube videos. To do it just follow these simple steps:
- press the windows button then write "cmd"
-right click the cmd icon and run as administrator.
- copy and paste this code in bold and press Enter: netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name=”YouTubeTweak” dir=in action=block remoteip=, enable=yes
-close the cmd and restart your internet connection .

#4 Using SPEEDbit video accelerator :
this software is very small and light but helpful. It accelerates HQ videos, and if you activate it you can accelerate HD videos and Itunes downloads as well.
You can download SPEEDbit videos accelerator from here.

#5 I will show you this amazing trick that you won't believe: to speed up loading videos and streaming in all platforms. Just follow these steps:
- click "CTRL+R" to open up the run window.
- then write "ping + the video URL"
- Hit Enter and close the run window.

#6 Using YouTube Center extension:
This extension allow you to manage all youtube settings. It will help you a lot however, it doesn't work in google chrome as good as in firefox. You can download it to firefox frome here, and to chrome from here.

if you will apply these tips you will be able to watch youtube videos and streaming without BUFFERING even you have a slow internet connection.
For more informations and to understand more watch this video

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