Three Perfectly Aligned Light Orbs Floating Over The Night Skies

Published August 20, 2015 78,922 Views

Rumble / Weird MysteriesStrange light orbs have been spotted in the night sky above Le Planestel in France causing a stir over the local population. Naturally, the mysterious light formation of flaming balls seen flying through the night sky has sparked UFO fears.

An eerie footage has shown three light orbs phenomenon lurking on French skies. The footage captures three round orb-like lights floating in the night sky. The amateur footage shows three aligned light orbs flying through the night sky over Le Planestel, France. Share your thoughts on what they could possible be! Creepy!

A French resident has recently captured apparent footage of light orbs over the night sky. Do you think it's the work of video editing? The raw footage features a number of strange objects flying in the night sky, shining brightly as they move from left to right.

Following this footage of a three strange orbs hovering the sky some space enthusiasts might as well claim that it is an unequivocal proof of alien life. Three white lights can be seen darting in the sky, moving in aligned manner at around the same speed, prompting people to wonder a UFO apparition.

A burning bright light in the night sky caught filmmaker’s attention. The awe-struck person filmed this disturbing phenomenon. What do you think these orbs might be?

Watch what appears to be three large orbs shining brightly as they move on the night sky perfectly aligned, and reports about this phenomenon are growing. Reports of bright, glowing orange objects in the sky have been registered over the years with no apparent explanation.