We Fought and Defended MTG But No Longer

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7 months ago

We fought against the media for this person. But we fight no longer. We will leave the door open for redemption. Rep MTG says she likes being a free agent. The people of the 14th district are upset with MTG. MTG insists she is over drama and petty conversations as she confirms she has been kicked out of conservative caucus for calling Lauren Boebert a little B*** and confronting her in a bathroom stall. MTG confirmed she is no longer a member of the conservative Freedom Caucus. MTG when you have made a friendship and an olive branch to the AJC and tell the grassroots coordinators to talk to her staff. MTG Quote: “I’m interested in getting accomplishments done, not doing things just to disrupt and fight leadership. And that’s a major difference. You can fight for your conservative principles and try to push conservative goals without having to be ani-leadership” This is a shot to your conservative representatives. Her switch right now is to make herself palatable to run for Senate in 2026.
The DeSantis campaign is deflating. And, Kemp will play a very safe game for the next 2 years in the state of GA.
What use is it to take an oath when you don’t answer questions and deflect and lie. The Deep State Media is carrying the water for Wray.

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