Guy Creates A Working V6 Engine Model Out Of Paper

Published August 17, 2015 4,681,698 Views

Rumble / Unusual TalentsAre you a big fan of DIY? Do you have a favorite project that you spent countless working hours on it, building it to perfection? That is probably how this guy feels when he built a V6 engine model out of paper. The best part, the miniature engine is completely functional and eco-friendly, because it runs on air!

On YouTube, he calls himself Al Zh. This DIYer has built numerous working models of turboprops powered by dry ice, among many other miniature creations. But this latest work of his is truly remarkable. He made the simplest fan-like mechanism which, driven by compressed air from a balloon, drives the cylinders through the shafts. It’s not even some special air, it is the same one that comes out of your lungs!

Al Zh spent two weeks putting up this cool contraption. “When I have an inspiration, I can spend all my free time on modeling,” he says. “The crankshaft itself is made of a paper axis and cardboard knees, all folded by hand, and bounded together with superglue.”

Reddit went nuts over his model, begging him for the plans. His answer was simple and always polite - no. He keeps his plans and instruction under lock and key, for now, and for a very sound reason.

“Pattern creation takes quite a lot of time,” explain the man with the nimblest fingers we have seen. “And unfortunately I don’t have it right now. I can’t say this was easy to make, but as you can see it is possible. You need quite a lot of patience, and be prepared to rebuild it from scratch.”

Well, there you have it! All you need is a ton of paper, a few tubes of super glue and loads of time on your hands. Maybe one day you will build an air-propelled rocket made of paper! Don’t forget to record that!