EP1 SILENCED with Tommy Robinson - Young Spray

4 months ago

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Young Spray is a grime and rap artist with a controversial past.

Originally from Dominica in the Caribbean, he moved to the UK, London at a young age, where he moved in circles with well known names in grime and rap.

Young Spray’s position as a pioneer of gangster rap in the UK is unquestionable, creating music with unfiltered realness and raw tales for well over a decade.

Spray did the rounds on pirate radio, rap DVDs, live shows, mix CDs and continued with big hits to this day. Much of his legacy derives from championing a brand of gangster rap, providing unapologetic insights into juggling a rap career whilst trying to avoid returning to jail.

A devote Muslim, he now hosts the RTM podcast where Tommy was fortunate to be able to be a guest. It only felt right to have him feature as Tommy's first guest on the Silenced Podcast where we can learn about his upbringing and the journey that has led him to where he is today.

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