Dancing Flash Mob Joins Marriage Proposal At Disneyland

Published August 12, 2015 17,428 Plays

Rumble / Fascinating PeopleDisneyland is widely known as the place the dreams really do come true. For most kids it is there dream destination to go, the same goes for some adults as well! It is truly a magical place that cannot help but to amaze people. It seems that there would be no better place to pop the question!

This is definitely one of the most impressive marriage proposals you'll ever see! Watch as Kiranjit S. pulls it off at Disneyland with a Bollywood and Bhangra flash mob in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle, with help from world famous dance team, Bhangra Empire!

Looks like this woman's dream really did come true on that day. She seemed so surprised at this whole event, then again who wouldn't? At first she must have thought that it was just a regular dance event at Disneyland, that was until she saw her future husband to be! What an amazing moment!

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