Incredible Footage Of Approaching Storm In Belgium

Published August 12, 2015 8,642,544 Views $389.57 earned

Rumble / Strange WeatherThis is not what you want to see as you're laying on the beach. The sky suddenly gets dark as a massive storm starts to approach you. The clouds look like they are multiplying by the second, and lightening is striking every few seconds. A this moment, the last place you want to be is outside. With the amount of wind in the area, the waves will start to get rough and much more dangerous, it's probably not the best time to be in the ocean!

The sky is a mixture of black and purple and it looks like the rain is going to come down any minute. Everyone is taking shelter, this is probably the best idea, you don't want to get stuck in this storm! Being dry in your house is probably the better option. No one is sticking around for this storm , it is going to hit any minute! Time to get inside!

Sometimes, we have no other options but to walk through these storms, check out some of these umbrellas so you can stay dry even when you're outside! Ether way this must be one of the best experiences that a human can be a witness to as far as nature can offer. But than again, how close to the harshness of nature can one get?

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