Girls Summon Herd Of Cattle By Singing 'Royals' By Lorde

Published August 10, 2015 229,743 Views

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsKitty, Lisa and Yarnz and three musical friends who decided that they should try their vocal chords at herding cows and boy, did it work!

The three friends from who are from Bensville, Australia, captured this hilarious clip as they hummed, or doo-wopped Lorde's track 'Royals' and rousing the attention of these cows in a field.
The girls decided to check whether this herd of brown cows would actually react to the track, but instead chose their own, retro approach. They decided to give it a shot, so the trio started doo-wopping Royals from Lorde, never expecting the cows to respond the way they did.

But the cows did respond, each lifting their heads one by one and slowly approaching the singing group, much to their excitement.

These cows might have an acquired taste for music, because one dude actually managed to gather another herd of cows by swallowing air and burping at insane decibels. It worked pretty much the same as the girls, only it tore our ears off. The crazy Dutchman can be seen on two separate videos as he swallows huge chunks of air to make his burp a mighty one and then belches towards a herd of cows. Don’t know if they were actually attracted to the sound or they just wanted to see the idiot behind the idea, but it is still a hell of a hilarious video!