This Dog's Commitment To Keep The Balloon Off The Ground Is Truly Admirable

RoseandBruiserPublished: August 2, 2015Updated: August 4, 2015664,917 views
Published: August 2, 2015Updated: August 4, 2015

Hi everybody, we want you to meet Rose, the most hyperactive dog we have ever seen! She’s a Boston Terrier who has a few incredibly admirable traits, including but certainly not limited to her boundless energy, her commitment, and dedication, her ability to entertain herself and her wonderful showmanship. It gives you energy just by watching her!

Rose, an energetic Boston Terrier, shows off her acrobatic skills while keeping a balloon in the air for over a minute! Her commitment to keep the balloon afloat is truly remarkable to watch! She dashes around the yard playing with her orange balloon not letting it touch the ground for a second! Amazing! She does it with great energy, dexterity, and enthusiasm through this entire minute-and-a-half video that we can't stop watching over and over again! She is a very active dog! She can’t be calm for a second. If she doesn’t play with her balloon, you will probably find her in the pool diving or doing some back flips while playing with her favorite toy! You will probably feel an urge to do something fun after reading this!

Remember when something as simple as a bright balloon could entertain you? Neither do we, but this amazingly energetic dog sure seems to enjoy it! We always enjoy watching videos of dogs, because they always us makes us laugh and they’re always full of joy and happiness!

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