Excited Westie Attentively Watches Dogs On Television

Published August 1, 2015 568,011 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesMolly Malone, a West Highland white terrier, absolutely loves to watch television! As you can see in this instance, she is totally addicted to any program or movie which features animals, especially dogs. How cute is that?

Some say dogs cannot watch movies and this video can serve to prove them wrong! This <a href="https://rumble.com/v48u4z-funny-puppy-dog-watching-tv.html" target="_blank">adorable pooch loves movies in general</a>, but her favorite ones are those starring acting dogs.
She is attentively staring at the screen, barking at the TV, wagging her tail with excitement when something exciting comes on!

This pooch sure wants to be part of the action that is going on between the dogs starring in this movie! Molly is seen sitting on the couch, attentively watching the movie! From time to time she gets too excited and jumps from the couch just to get closer to the TV and get a better view of the show. Adorable!

The funniest thing is when Molly jumps and bangs herself against the cabinet below the TV, continuously trying to enter the screen and join the dog action! She does this every time when something exciting happens on the screen.

When a dog show or video of dogs doing tricks comes on the television, Molly Malone becomes completely obsessed with it, studying their every move. She can see and recognize the images that come on television and has been known to watch hours of television at a time, barely taking her eyes off the screen. If a dog show is on, she comes running from across the house to sit down and watch.

Like most other dogs, Molly can perceive images on the television like a human. She is intelligent enough to recognize other animals, toys and activities and has different reactions to what is on. She barks at other dogs, whines at cats and loves to have a ball in her mouth when watching flyball competitions on the dog shows.

Research has shown that all dogs can see the television, they just see it differently. Dog’s reaction to it comes down to their personality. Some dogs are very territorial and when they see another dog on the television, they may bark in order to make it leave. Other dogs hate people and seeing people on the tube may create a nasty reaction. The breed of the dog also has a lot to do with their <a href="https://rumble.com/v31a88-bulldog-scared-of-horror-movie.html" target="_blank">reaction to TV</a>.

Footage shows a dog being obsessed with watching dog movies, making the television a highly stimulating activity. Go Molly!

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