Check Out This Hilarious Race On Motorized Animal Cars

Published July 29, 2015 422,987 Views

Rumble / PranksHave you ever seen a cheetah, panda, dog, bunny, and lion race each other before? Well then you're in for a treat! Kind of. It's not exactly a "high speed" race though. Pawel Oscypek Kozuch filmed this priceless moment at Carrefour shopping center in Kalisz, Poland, which featured an entire lineup of competitors equipped in full motorcycle racing gear. They weren't exactly racing motorcycles though! They hopped on the back of these motorized animal vehicles, meant for children, and raced each other around the mall.

Sometimes the kid in us just shines through, like these avid racers. Their creativity drew a bit of a crowd, and everyone began to cheer them on. Looks like fun! At the end of the day, everyone was just having fun, and that's all that matters. Watch as their not so high speed race takes over the mall, and local mall-goers try to avoid them all. There is no rule about not having silly fun as an adult, so these guys just went for it and had a blast! Little did they know, their funny stunt would soon become viral on the internet, with millions people watching their shenanigans.

The part we liked the most was that they had their full gear on, because you know - safety always comes first! Watch this hilarious not so high speed race around the mall, and try not to laugh. It's kinda impossible, trust us.

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