Sleepy Kitten Struggles To Stay Awake

Published July 29, 2015 851,814 Views

Rumble / Cats & KittensIt is totally inconceivable that a person who has access to the Internet and knows how to use it has not noticed that cats have totally taken over it and rule it with supremacy! But if you think that this is a modern phenomenon - you are dearly mistaken: not only that cats are trending for the past 10 years on the Internet but they are trending for millennia. If you do not believe us, please take a look at the drawings of cats in the Egyptian pyramids. But let us return to the present.

Youtube is brimming with videos of cute kittens and every video is becoming an almost instant sensation. There are a lot of channels dedicated only to striped purring creatures, memes, gifs, demotivators, avatars with mustaches, tails and cat muzzles that have eclipsed the space of social networks, there are oceans of ​​groups of feline lovers, which in fact are the most popular forms of online networking of pet enthusiasts.

People who have not been dragged into the pool of kitty veneration, are dealing with a very logical question: "What aroused such interest in these soft-furred mousers? Why not dogs? Why not birds? Or fish? Why cats? ".

Both the very culprits, doing the campaigns for promoting cats online, and the viewers and loyal cat fans even though they do their best to unravel the mystery of cat interest, they cannot provide a single definite answer, apart from:

"But they are soo cuuuuute - don’t you just want to squeeeeeze theeem?", "Cat's are many people's spirit animals, and we think that half the world agrees with us", "Cats ...hmm ... We just love them!", "Cause they are so funny and adorable."

In this particular case we have a kitten which just cant seem to remain awake to the extent that it falls asleep at the most uncomfortable place possible. Yeah, that's right, between the stands of a chair and even though it looks uncomfortable, we are guessing that it's fluffiness it's keeping the wooden stands nice and soft. So as you can see this little feline only needs a location rather than something high class. Ether way, say what you will, but you are doomed to just melt away at how adorable this kitten is. Think we're lying? Take a look for yourself!

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