Car Flies After Hitting A Bump In The Road, Barely Misses Cameraman

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Published: July 27, 2015Updated: January 23, 2018

You got your adrenaline junkies, and then you’ve got those who are like Jason Statham in ‘Crank’. These folks need constant high surges of adrenaline to keep them high and pumping. What do they do? They go rally racing, of course!

Chev Chelios might have been pumped full of poison and had to crank himself up to stay alive, but there guys do it for the exactly opposite reasons! Still, people from high and low gather up to watch men drive carelessly around dirt roads and crash into stuff. Because show business.

Some people have a need for speed when they get behind the wheel of a vehicle. That's why the race track is the best place for them. Even though it's safer than being on main streets, there is still dangers for bystanders, take this video as a prime example. We see Estonian driver Siim Plangi approach from the distance with his Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X. He looks like he’s got stuff under control, but all of a sudden, Plangi hits a bump in the road. With the speed he has been developing for the past who knows how many miles, that bump sends the Evolution X flying in the air and straight for the corner turn.

That would have been a regular thing, if there wasn’t a cameraman standing at that corner! Viewers wince as a cloud of dust gathers on the spot, but we can definitely see that Plangi missed both the professional and his equipment. That broadcast definitely had the best view in the world!

Now that was a close call.

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