Talking Siberian Husky argues with squeaky toy

Published July 24, 2015 307,191 Views $73.61 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThis adorable Siberian Husky puppy named Gunnar is having a howling conversation with his squeaker toy.

Take a look at this cute dog that is being pulled out of bed by an immensely annoying sound such as this squeaker toy. The toy is somewhere in the background from where it loudly screeches, just a heads up, you might want to turn down the volume of your headphones. For a moment it is as if this Husky is yelling at its owner to stop with the loud racket. This video takes place in the owners house where the dog is laying on his cushion and relaxing, until he is disturbed by some awful sound, after which he quickly gets up and starts howling.

This poor Husky could not get his beauty sleep!