Fun-Loving Husky Thinks He's Playing Tricks With His Owner

Published July 23, 2015 220,147 Plays $380.18 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesHuskies are a real pearl of nature. They are friendly, gentle and dignified. Most of them strike us with their vividly blue eyes though the colour of their eyes can come in six other different shades. Their soft look is what buys us at the first place. Huskies’ real nature comes to thrive in a family surrounding since they are great family dogs. They know how to tease children and be playful with them all along. Huskies might not be the best guard dogs but having one on your porch will brighten up your day.

And owning a husky as little as it can be is the cutest thing ever. This husky puppy melts your heart with his awaiting eyes and thirst for play. Sitting jolly on the bed, playing hot and cold with his owner, in all his naivety he thinks that he can actually scoff his owner. And oh my, he does not want to be kept long, one look from those warm husky eyes drives the owner to grab the toy just to make his puppy happy and make the game alive.

And how smart he is, letting go of the toy on purpose just to see another round of his funny little trick. It is like never ending game with this puppy – the more he is teased the more he wants to prove that he is in charge of the game. His eyes are pleading with sparkles so that the rhythm of the game continues in quick succession. The owner can not simply stay immune to the game as we can hear him laugh at the cute mischief his dog is displaying.


  • adamabb, 4 years ago

    "Get up hooman and play with me" :D

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  • warriorbride, 3 years ago

    such a pretty husky is it a girl ? they are such characters lol

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    • GunnarHusky, 3 years ago

      Gunnar is a 2 year old male. And yes they are characters!

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  • Ilya003, 1 year ago

    I hope you can do this. look)

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