Airline Passenger Films Apparent UFO Over The Alps

Published July 22, 2015 654,359 Views

The universe is so vast, surely there must be some other species out there, right? We cannot be the only planet that hold life.

Scientists have been working on discovering alien life since man started exploring space, but there are people out there that are obsessed with extraterrestrial life, so much so that they find signs of visitors from outer space in every nook and cranny.

A passenger aboard a commercial airliner over the Alps in Switzerland airspace recently captured footage of an apparent triangular flying object. Do you think it's the work of video editing, or perhaps something real?

The object looks alien enough and seems to be moving rather slowly, so it cannot be a fighter jet or one of those supersonic planes, because they wouldn’t be flying so slow. It also seems to be a quite regular, triangular shape, with some odd markings on top of the body and is behaving strangely through the air, almost like it is swaying and scanning the area.

It is footages like these that have been feeding the minds of conspiracy theorists for ages. Seeing strange flying objects in the sky, discovering odd looking metal pieces throughout the world and all those kidnapping stories with clacking voices and creepy sounds are the foundation on which conspiracy theorists built their religion.

And there are those of us that wish for First Contact to happen and the Vulcans to greet us with “Live long and prosper".

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