Horse Loves To Play With Giant Ball, Behaves Just Like A Little Puppy

Published July 21, 2015 376,205 Views

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsWe have seen the cats and dogs of this world as they frolic around apartments and yards, chasing balls of different sizes. The sight comes naturally to us, it is what we have known all our lives, right? But a horse?

This 5-year-old horse named Ficcochino is having the time of his life playing with a ball. He is a Dressage horse who was imported from Germany by Furst Romancier. He loves to cut loose and play!

Who needs ribbons and awards, when you got your big bouncy ball to chase and bounce around? Ficcochino isn’t the only equine in the world with a passion for bouncy, round things - it seems other horses have a thing for bouncing balls as well! This pony looks like he’s a natural born soccer player, just look at how much he is enjoying kicking that huge soccer ball around!

According to his owners, Ficcochino, or “Chino" for short, has all the makings of a top quality dressage horse. “He has easily the movement to satisfy any professional, but his kind, sensible nature would suit the ambitious, discerning amateur as well."

Historically, dressage horses were trained for military purposes, as mobility and obedience provided a substantial tactical advantage on the battlefield. That's all the more reason why it was so enjoyable to see Ficcochino let loose like this.

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