Landing a jet ski back flip with no hands!

Published July 14, 2015 150 Plays

Rumble / Extreme SportsWith the boring routines in our everyday lives, it shouldn't be all too surprising to see people doing extreme things to get out of their routines. Nowadays there are so many outdoor activities that you can do to get away from the boredom, everyone can find something to satisfy their cravings – mountain biking, trekking, waterskiing, sky diving...the list is endless.

Gary Burtka took extreme sporting to a whole new level. Watch as the avid fan of jet skis makes a backward flip and lands without controlling his Backie Chan watercraft! That is wicked!

We imagine it took hours of practice to be able to pull that off

Here's what Gary can tell us about himself on his site, “I began legally riding a Kasawaki X-2 in the late 80s after completing a boating safety coarse at the age of 12. For years I enjoyed the freedom and experience that a personal watercraft could bring me as a regular consumer rider. In the summer of 1993 I was introduced to Tommy Nuttall Jr through his father, Tommy Nuttall Sr. (a family friend and owner of the local Big Boy's that we frequented). I watched one of Tommy's (Pride Performance) shows and eagerly participated in my first competitive event just a few weeks later in Wyandotte, MI in August of 93. I rode my X-2 in closed-course and amateur freestyle. I was hooked!"