Confused Pug Goes Against A Curious Fart Machine

JanineHPublished: July 13, 2015Updated: July 28, 2015139,243 views
Published: July 13, 2015Updated: July 28, 2015

Pet owners have a funny way of teasing their dogs. This adorable little pug is having a hard time grasping the concept of a remote controlled fart machine. Watch Grimley's reaction when the machine goes off. Hilarious!

Sure farts are hilarious to us humans, but farts come as mysterious, ominous death sirens to this rambunctious pooch. In this clash against a fart machine, the pug barks and runs laps around the device in an attempt to weaken his foe. This rowdy pug refuses to let the fart machine have the last word.

Apparently, humans are not the only ones who become surprised and uncomfortable at strange, unexpected sounds. Your reaction to hearing a balloon pop or a loud noise strike is nothing compared to this pug responding to the fart machine. Watch this dog’s reaction to unexpectedly hearing a loud fart come from a fart machine. Adorable!

Meet this cute little pug called Grimley. His owners thought it would be funny to put a fart machine on the floor in the middle of the room and see how this pooch would react. Grimley is confused, puzzled and annoyed, all at the same time!

The second this dog hears the noise he becomes eccentric. First, he is surprised and backs up, lowering his body and barking at the curious machine. Then, Grimley goes left, right and down in circles, trying to figure out the purpose of the strange-looking object.

This brave pug wants to go closer in order to inspect the strange machine, but he doesn’t like the strange noise and backs up. In a burst of energy, Grimley circles the device and runs back and forth as though he is ready to attack. What an adorable way to entertain your pet!

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