Baby monkey's first bath is adorable!

MHommelPublished: July 10, 2015357,426 viewsVirality: 3%
Published: July 10, 2015

It's time for Willow the 2-week-old Capuchin to take her first bath. At first she seems a bit nervous to the new experience, but eventually she takes it all in. Adorable!

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      savethebirds · 10 weeks ago

      This is stupid. A monkey doesn't need to smell good with harsh chemical shampoo. Baby shampoo and baking soda will work quite nicely. Sheesh...

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      warriorbride · 2 weeks ago

      you need to make sure that the bathroom is closed and warm so that they don't get cold

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      Jinglesbelle · 5 hours ago

      This is abusive ....maybe due to ignorance, but if she wanted to clean the monkey she could have used a washcloth and rubbed it on the baby , rather than immerse a poor young creature, who by nature is afraid of water, and make it stay in that cold water for a number of minutes. Why don't these self indulgent people who have a need to have a wild pet ask some questions and do some reading ? These are not children. You need to respect their own nature. Next time just use a wash cloth and don't use so much soap. This was hard to watch.